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PVC Connector Covers

Elevate Electrical Fitting Safety with Vijaya Sai PVC Connector Covers!

We manufacture a Wide range of PVC Components as per customers' requirements, we will supply them globally. Those components are used for electrical insulation.

Uses Electric Fitting

Introducing a versatile array of PVC Connector Covers – the ultimate solution for ensuring impeccable electrical insulation. These covers are meticulously designed to provide exceptional protection for a wide variety of electrical fittings, making them an essential component in electrical installations and beyond.

Product Features:

– **Premium PVC Material:** Crafted from top-quality PVC, our Connector Covers offer robust protection and insulation for your electrical fittings.

– **Customizable Size:** Available in CPC-16 size, these covers can accommodate various fittings with ease.

– **Color Variety:** Choose from classic Red, Black, Green, and more, allowing you to match your preferences and needs.

– **Trusted Brand:** Choose Vijaya Sai, a reputable brand known for its commitment to quality and reliability.

– **Working Temperature:** Operating seamlessly from -55 to 125 degrees Celsius, these covers maintain their performance even in extreme conditions.

– **Country of Origin:** Proudly made in India, these covers embody the nation’s dedication to quality.


– **Enhanced Electrical Fitting Protection:** Shield electrical fittings from dust, moisture, and potential hazards, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

– **Size Versatility:** The CPC-16 size accommodates various fittings, offering flexibility in application.

– **Color Choice:** Choose from multiple colors for easy identification and organization of electrical fittings.

– **Versatile Application:** Our PVC Connector Covers provide universal protection From electrical installations to various industrial settings.

Additional Information:

– **Item Code:** COUPLERCOVERS
– **Production Capacity:** 50,000 units per day
– **Delivery Time:** Immediate
– **Packaging Details:** Contact us for special discounts on bulk orders.

Choose Vijaya Sai Deep – where Safety meets Reliability, every time.

Elevate your electrical fitting safety with Vijaya Sai PVC Connector Covers. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures your electrical fittings remain shielded, protected, and operational, ready for reliable performance. Secure your order now and experience protection that exceeds expectations.

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