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Bolt Protection Caps

Elevate Protection with Vijaya Sai Bolt Protection Caps!
Vijaya Sai Quality Coupler Covers!

Vijaya sai dip moulding is a professionally managed company, run by young technocrats. The company has all the infrastructures to manufacture all types of soft pvc components like terminal sleeves, connector covers, battery terminal caps, coupler covers, protection caps, ring terminal caps, etc, for sectors like automobiles, battery, electricals, electronics, cutting tools, gift articles, and custom made components

Uses Protection

Introducing a comprehensive solution for safeguarding bolts and fasteners, our Bolt Protection Caps are meticulously designed to provide optimal protection and coverage. Crafted from high-quality PVC material, these caps ensure exceptional durability, flexibility, and security for various applications.

Product Features:

– **Premium PVC Material:** Crafted from top-quality PVC, our Bolt Protection Caps offer reliable protection for a wide range of bolts and fasteners.

– **Versatile Size Range:** Available in sizes ranging from Dia 1.5 to 100 mm, these caps provide coverage for various bolt dimensions.

– **Vibrant Multicolor Options:** Choose from a variety of multicolor caps, ensuring visibility and easy identification.

– **Multiple Shape Options:** Designed in both Round and Hexagon shapes, these caps offer compatibility with different bolt types.

– **Connection Type:** Equipped with a Female connection type, these caps provide a secure fit over bolts.

– **Hardness and Elongation:** With a hardness of 60-80 shore and an elongation of 300%, these caps offer flexibility without compromising protection.

– **Tensile Strength:** Featuring a minimum tensile strength of 65, these caps provide reliable coverage.

– **Voltage Rating:** With a voltage rating of 6KV, these caps offer insulation and protection in various electrical applications.

– **Resistance Properties:** Designed with crack resistance, oil resistance, and tear resistance, these caps ensure durability and longevity.

– **Brand Reliability:** Choose Vijaya Sai, a reputable brand known for its dedication to quality and innovation.


– **Versatile Bolt Protection:** Shield bolts and fasteners from external elements, preventing corrosion and damage.

– **Custom Size Fit:** Available in a wide size range, these caps provide coverage for bolts of various dimensions.

– **Shape Variety:** Choose between Round and Hexagon shapes, ensuring compatibility with different bolt types.

– **Enhanced Protection Properties:** Featuring crack, oil, and tear resistance, these caps offer reliable coverage for demanding applications.

Choose Vijaya Sai Deep – where Safety meets Reliability, every time.

Vijaya Sai Dip Moulding is a professionally managed company, dedicated to providing high-quality protection solutions. Our commitment to quality and innovation guarantees your bolts remain protected, functional, and ready for various applications. Secure your order now and experience protection that exceeds expectations.

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