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Medical Ventilator Breather Bellows

Elevate Medical Ventilation with VIJAYASAI Medical Ventilator Breather Bellows!

We manufacture Medical grade PVC Bellows as per Govt. Standards, and as per our customers desires.We Are Manufactured Only Soft .

Additional Information: Item Code: SPB-02 Production Capacity: 100 pcs per day Delivery Time: 2 days

Uses Medical Ventilator
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Introducing a paramount solution for medical ventilation, our Medical Ventilator Breather Bellows are meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Crafted from premium medical-grade PVC, these bellows ensure exceptional reliability, flexibility, and precision for critical medical applications.

Product Features:

– **Superior Medical-Grade PVC:** Crafted from top-quality medical-grade PVC, our Ventilator Breather Bellows adhere to the stringent requirements of medical applications.

– **Optimal Hardness:** With a 40-50 Shore hardness, these bellows offer the perfect balance of flexibility and resilience.

– **Round Shape:** Designed in a round shape, these bellows ensure uniform performance and compatibility.

– **Customizable Size:** Available in sizes ranging from 25 to 50 mm, these bellows provide adaptability for various medical setups.

– **Thread Size:** Equipped with a tight fitment thread size, these bellows ensure secure connections.

– **Enhanced Flexibility:** Designed to handle torsional, lateral, and axial movements, these bellows offer versatility in application.

– **Government Standard Design:** Engineered as per government standards, these bellows meet the highest medical requirements.

– **Temperature Resilience:** Operating efficiently up to 75 degrees Celsius, these bellows maintain their performance even under medical conditions.

– **Pressure Tolerance:** Withstanding pressures of up to 3 bar, these bellows offer reliability even in critical scenarios.

– **Waterproof and Medical-Grade:** These bellows are waterproof and specifically designed for medical applications.


– **Critical Medical Performance:** Ensure precise ventilation with our meticulously designed Ventilator Breather Bellows.

– **Customized Flexibility:** These bellows accommodate various movement directions, providing seamless ventilation assistance.

– **Adherence to Standards:** Designed according to government standards, our bellows meet the stringent requirements of medical applications.

Additional Information:

– **Item Code:** SPB-02
– **Production Capacity:** 100 pieces per day
– **Delivery Time:** 2 days

Choose Vijaya Sai Deep – where Safety meets Reliability, every time.

Elevate medical ventilation performance with VIJAYASAI Medical Ventilator Breather Bellows. Our commitment to quality and innovation guarantees your medical setups remain reliable, efficient, and ready for critical ventilation needs. Secure your order now and experience performance that exceeds expectations.

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