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Cable Terminal Protector Boots

Safeguard Your Cables with Vijaya Sai Cable Terminal Protector Boots!

We have 90 Series, 110 Series, 250 Series, and 305 Series as per Customers requirements As Per Drawing. We Are Manufactured Only by Soft PVC Flexible Type & Dip Moulding Process High high-grade quality Products Of Terminal sleeves.

Uses Cable Protection

Introducing a comprehensive range of Cable Terminal Protector Boots designed to provide superior cable protection. Crafted from high-quality PVC material, these boots offer robust insulation and safety, ensuring optimal connection performance and longevity.

Product Features:

– **Premium PVC Material:** Crafted from top-quality PVC, our Cable Terminal Protector Boots provide flexible and reliable insulation for your cables.

– **Color Variety:** Available in Multicolor, these boots offer easy identification and organization of cables.

– **Versatile Application:** Ideal for cable protection and connector covers, these boots ensure your cables remain secure and shielded.

– **Packaging Convenience:** Delivered conveniently in packets, these boots are ready for immediate use.

– **Brand Reliability:** Choose Vijaya Sai, a trusted brand recognized for its dedication to quality and reliability.

– **Voltage Drop:** With less than 2 mV voltage drop, these boots ensure efficient energy transfer and cable performance.


– **Enhanced Cable Protection:** Shield cables from external factors, moisture, and potential hazards, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

– **Versatile Size Availability:** Choose from different series – 90, 110, 250, and 305 – based on your specific requirements.

– **Color-Coded Organization:** Multicolor options facilitate quick and accurate identification of cables, streamlining maintenance.

– **Effortless Installation:** Designed for easy application, these boots ensure a secure and hassle-free fit.

Additional Information:

– **Item Code:** SPCC
– **Payment Mode Terms:** L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Bank Transfer)
– **Port of Dispatch:** Mumbai or Chennai
– **Production Capacity:** 5,000 units per day
– **Delivery Time:** 3-5 days
– **Packaging Details:** Expertly packaged in shrink-wrapped corrugated boxes.

Choose Vijaya Sai Deep – where Safety meets Reliability, every time.

Elevate your cable protection strategy with Vijaya Sai Cable Terminal Protector Boots. Our commitment to quality and innovation guarantees your cables remain insulated, protected, and ready for reliable performance. Secure your order now and experience protection that exceeds expectations.

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